Sometimes we lose hope and we decide to quit what we just started because we don’t find results. but let me remind you that it can take you 2 months or 3 or even 1 year but it will never be forever . Just remember that patience is really important during this journey, it's life changing so it will take you some time so you need to be patient, think about the results after all this hard work. don’t think about it as a waste of time. Love yourself, be proud of it , talk to it nicely, cause the first motivation, the first little steps comes from you. no one is going to do it for you, no one is going to wake you up. It all depends on you, and your respect for yourself.
Opportunities don't happen. You create them.
get away from negativity like negative thoughts, friends, environment. always manifest good things if you’re on this journey and your thoughts aren’t positive, you're gonna lose hope easely and quit.
your goals and then after all your hard work look at yourself in the miroir proudly and tell her i love you and thank her and you can’t imagine the confidence that you’re gonna get. you won’t need anyone anymore because you have yourself and you made it by yourself.
Here's some Motivational Speesh that will make you'r day better, listen to one of this video every day and you will see changes